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How Do You Watch Sport?

October sports has so much to offer.  Over this past weekend we had college football, baseball playoffs and the NFL.  I am a classic channel flipper.  I will watch multiple channels at the same time especially when it comes to sports.  With cable TV I can switch between channels with the push of a button with minimal interruption.

However, my NFL Sunday Ticket package is a streaming service.  With everything moving towards streaming services, I find it more and more difficult/frustrating to watch multiple events.  This in most cases involves switching apps (I use ROKU) and waiting for the service to kick in.  It is not a mere push of a remote control button to move from game to game.  This forces a choice between events.   Very frustrating – NFL or MLB Playoffs.  I want to watch both.  

Short of connecting 2 TVs in the same room – am I missing something?   Streaming services are the future in television viewing.  I’d love to hear from others on how they handle this.  Is there a work around or is this the future of television viewing, sports in particular?

Do I have to just suck it up and go to a bar, and watch all of them at the same time? Do I need to add multiple TV’s in the same room?

 – Schwartzie

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October Sports

It Is The Greatest Time Of Year To Be A Sports Fan!

October is the absolute best time of year to be a sports fan!  It is the only month of the year that all 4 major sports leagues are in action.  Does it get any better than that?

Major League Baseball (MLB) is heading into the playoffs and it appears there will be some really great matchups this season.  The National Football League (NFL) is in full swing and teams are just getting in rhythm. All are still in contention for the Lombardi Trophy in February.  Both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) begin their season with every team optimistic and hopeful for a strong finish at the end of the season.

Is there a better time to be a sports fan?  There truly is something for everyone!  Schwartzies Sports has coverage for all your favorite teams.  So, sit back, relax and grab the remote. Root for your favorite team and enjoy this time of year!

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Get Ready for 2022 Fantasy Football

With NFL Training Camps opening and preseason games right around the corner, its time to get ready for 2022  Fantasy Football.  Fantasy Football League (FFL) Drafts are soon approaching and now is the time to prepare.  The research and work you do now will go a long way in making the season much more competitive,  enjoyable and fun.

Please check out Schwartzies Sports Fantasy Football page.  You can find all the information you need including Draft Research, Player and Position rankings, Leagues to join (both fee and pay) and also mock drafts to help you prepare for many scenarios as you head into your drafts.

Beyond the draft, these sites will also keep you up to date each week during the season with all the latest news and updates you need to stay competitive.

For those not familiar or new to Fantasy Football, you will also find a primer section that will help teach the basics and  guide you.  Fantasy Football is a fun and tremendous way to stay engaged with teams and players you may not ordinarily follow during the NFL season.  Both casual and die-hard fans will find valuable information from reliable website and sources.

Be prepared to dominate your league!

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Welcome To Schwartzies Sports – A Source for all Sports Information

Welcome to Schwartzies Sports and thank you for visiting.  What began as an endeavor to teach myself WordPress as a hobby turned into something I had not initially envisioned. Searching for website ideas, the answer was right in front of me.  As part of my pre-work morning routine, I would search through numerous websites and twitter feeds to get the latest news and happenings pertaining to my favorite sports teams.  The idea of one single website that would be the gateway to the information I enjoyed struck me as something that could be useful to others as well.

The initial goal was to create a repository for all the websites I look at on a daily basis for the teams I follow.   The idea grew from there and now close to a year later Schwartzies Sports contains information for every team included in the 4 major sports leagues:  MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL

You will find links to popular websites and twitter feeds specific to each team along with team information and RSS feeds.   Research was done for each team which is in  no way comprehensive  or complete but will be a continuing process to tweak and fine tune.  No sites or twitter contributors were left off intentionally and apologies in advance for any omissions.  I am open to suggestions, comments and welcome feedback both positive and constructive as long as tasteful and non-confrontational.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing from you.

–  Schwartzie

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