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When the Lions Roared

The Story of The Detroit Lions 1957 NFL Championship Season

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Known as pro football’s version of the ‘gashouse gang’, the 1957 Detroit Lions were one of the most dominant and colorful teams in NFL history. With the hard-nosed character that symbolized the Motor City of the fifties: the teams off the field antics rivaled their on-field dominance. Considered past their prime when the 1957 season started, the story behind this season is both compelling and inspirational as they overcame season long adversity and insurmountable odds to win their third championship of the decade. The coach quit the night before the first exhibition game because he felt the players were uncontrollable. This left the team in the control of a part time coach who – despite his laid back attitude – quickly corralled the players off the field and turned them into winners as they overcame every obstacle that was laid in their path. The team battled through the arrest of their star player, large deficits, injuries to key players and a mid season losing streak that made it necessary for them to win five of their last six games to force a division playoff. The book provides a historical account of the entire season from the banquet where Buddy Parker quit through the championship victory over the Browns at Briggs Stadium in Detroit. Analysis of each game, including player interviews and fan reactions are provided.

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