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Vintage Cavs: A Warm Look Back at the Cavaliers of the Cleveland Arena and Richfield Coliseum Years

The Arena and the Coliseum are long gone … but they left behind some great Cavs stories!

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The Cleveland Arena is long gone. It was dark and decrepit, yet it generated some special memories―as the birthplace of the Cavaliers.

The Richfield Coliseum, once a palace on the prairie, is now just a field of grass. Yet fans can vividly recall how it shook to a deafening roar during so many thrilling moments―from the “Miracle” to “the Shot.”

The Cavs teams that played there from 1970 to the 1990s weren’t great―although some were very, very good. Yet they featured players and coaches still cherished by fans for their talent, character or style …

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