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Uncovered: The Twelve Yards Between Rock Bottom and Recovery

Vance Johnsons life-changing moment came at the bottom of a canyon in 2013…his inspiring story of hope and a path to finding a brighter, better life

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At the height of his career, Vance Johnson, one of the “Three Amigos” recruited by Mike Shanahan for the Denver Broncos, was hiding a serious alcohol and pill addiction that cost him literally everything he had. He hit rock bottom in the middle of a canyon in Colorado, and from that moment, began the slow journey of reclaiming his life and becoming the man he should have been all along.

The three-time Super Bowl wide receiver grew up in a home where domestic abuse was an everyday occurrence and being the toughest and the best was the only option. He made it to the top, but struggled with quieting those inner demons. He didn’t find peace at the bottom of a bottle, he didn’t find it playing for the NFL, and he didn’t find it within himself. The death of his oldest son, several suicide attempts, and a 28-day coma combined to be the wake-up call he needed. His memorable and unforgettable story is one that is almost too incredible to believe.

Now sober for many years, Vance tours the country, speaking and encouraging others who are at their breaking point to look to the power of God to change their lives. His book is an honest, raw account of the destruction brought on by addiction and the power of faith in finding the way back from the depths of hell. Uncovered is more than just Vance Johnson’s unbelievable life story—it’s an inspiring story of hope and a path to finding a brighter, better life.

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