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The Ultimate Detroit Tigers Time Machine Book

Details the Tigers’ greatest and most interesting teams, players, moments, and eras

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The Detroit Tigers have been marked neither by dynasties nor doldrums. The Tigers captured just four World Series championships since becoming a charter member of the junior circuit in 1901. They compiled a record barely above .500 during that 120-year span. They have suffered through seasons of failure so pronounced that they have gone down as some of the worst in the annals of baseball. But their periodic years of greatness have proven so memorable that they have remained in the hearts and minds of Tigers fans forever. They have provided a sense of pride and optimism to even the most fervent and critical followers during the most woeful periods. This book covers the entirety of Tigers history and even delves into the birth of professional baseball in Detroit in the National League to its continuation in the Western League, which morphed into the American League.

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