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In every sport, the winners impose their standard. They create the new ways to perform their discipline, and all the others just try to imitate them. Only in some rare cases, other people try to innovate. Imitation of the best is more common, as you can easily think.

One first thing to be said: genius is a precious gift, and only some elected people can create a new standard. Other people can only try to emulate them.

Emulation reduces the risks of failure. Innovation and distortions in the models can bring to failure.

But there is also a third way: you can be inspired by the best, you can analyze them, then analyze your own qualities, and put in your system only some principles of the model, the ones that fit best to you.

These pages will try to inspire whoever loves basketball, whichever role they have in basketball world. They will try to be a guide to create your own basketball program, having “The program” in mind.

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