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The Dirty Dozen: How Twelve Rookies, The Shotgun And A Hail Mary Vaulted The 1975 Dallas Cowboys Into The Super Bowl

The true story of the Dallas Cowboys’ 1975 season

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Tom Landry’s football team was in need of help. Immediate help.
Prompted by internal strife, discontent, and an aging roster, the Dallas Cowboys stumbled to an 8-6 finish to the 1974 season, missing the playoffs for the first time in nine years. And with longtime veterans Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes, Calvin Hill and others on their way out the door, the Dallas dynasty was quickly turning into a vapor of the past.
What happened next was one of the most brilliant and resourceful turnarounds that pro football fans have ever witnessed. A record-setting draft class reinvigorated the locker room with enthusiasm. An innovative formation provided the Cowboys with an unforeseen edge on the field. And in one of the NFL’s iconic playoff moments, a prayer to the heavens was answered in the most unlikely of fashions.
The Dirty Dozen is the true story of the Dallas Cowboys’ 1975 season, when hard work and a positive attitude combined with luck and genius to pull Tom Landry’s team up from the middle of the pack all the way to Miami and Super Bowl X.

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