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The Cleveland Browns All-Time All-Stars

The Best Players at Each Position for the Cleveland Browns

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Let’s say you’re the coach of the Cleveland Browns, deciding which players should start in a Super Bowl matchup against the toughest team in the NFC. But instead of choosing from the current roster, you have every player in the team’s 75-year history in your locker room. Who starts at quarterback: Hall-of-Famer Otto Graham, steady Brian Sipe, deadly accurate Bernie Kosar, or dynamic Baker Mayfield? At kicker, do you play Hall of Famer Lou Groza or 14-year-veteran Phil Dawson? Which players get the start at wide receiver? Dante Lavelli, Paul Warfield, Braylon Edwards, Ray Renfro, or Jarvis Landry? Combining career stats, common sense, and a host of intangibles, veteran sportswriter Roger Gordon imagines an embarrassment of riches and sets the all-time All-Star Browns lineup for the ages.

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