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The ’85 Bears: We Were the Greatest

Coach Mike Ditka’s memoir of the 1985 Chicago Bears Championshi season

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The ’85 Bears: We Were the Greatest is Coach Mike Ditka’s memoir of a season Chicago will never forget and opponents would rather erase from their minds. Packed with unforgettable behind-the-scenes stories and exhilarating moments including the dominating win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XX, Walter Payton phoning Ditka’s office pretending to be a woman named Yolanda, Jim McMahon’s enduring regard for the healing power of acupuncture, and how a rookie named William Perry turned into a phenomenon known as “The Refrigerator.” The team was filled with a cast of characters who were wildly entertaining off the field, but feared on the field. Their dominance was unstoppable and at their peak they looked like the greatest team in NFL history—and quite possibly were. Taking fans along for an insider’s retelling of this historic season “Da Coach” is packed with stories, recaps and statistics for every regular and postseason game, and top-notch photography that captures the team’s remarkable success, making it a must-have treasure for Bears fans of all ages.

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