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Tales from the New York Jets Sideline

A history of the Jets from Joe Namath & the greatest victory in Super Bowl III to the maddening, entertaining, bumbling team that’s a way of life for fans.

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For over fifty-five seasons, the New York Jets have not enjoyed large doses of pride and glory. Yes, Joe Namath led them to a stunning Super Bowl III upset victory in 1968. But since then, the Jets have gone back and forth between maddening and entertaining, bumbling and embarrassing, and constantly teasing their fierce fan base. At this point, rather sadistically, the rollercoaster of rooting for the Jets has become a way of life.

In Tales from the New York Jets Sideline, author Mark Cannizzaro brings his readers on a journey. Readers and author travel through Cannizzaro’s eyes and the eyes of the subjects he has covered, throughout the maze of musings, controversial coincidences, and the occasional brilliance that the Jets have displayed during the years the author has followed the franchise.

This includes their consecutive AFC Championship Game losses in 2009 and 2010 and the following struggles, adding to the former angst and teases Jets fans have felt since Joe Willie’s memorable triumph.

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