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The Inspirational Story of Pittsburgh Steelers Safety Troy Polamalu

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Troy Polamalu was the guiding spirt of a Pittsburgh Steelers team that won two Super Bowls and led the NFL in total defense five times during his 12-year career. He was described by teammate Joey Porter as the Pro Bowler’s Pro Bowler, a rock star among rock stars, and the headliner of his Hall of Fame class. Author Jim Wexell covered every step of Polamalu’s career and dove deeply into his inner circle of family, friends and teammates to produce a biography that spans Polamalu’s days as a child in Santa Ana, California; his formative years in Tenmile, Oregon; his college days at the University of Southern California; and his glory days with the Pittsburgh Steelers. All of the genius behind Polamalu’s football, family and spirituality are explored in this book. It’s more than the most in-depth biography of this great player and gentleman, it’s the only one.Pittsburgh Steelers

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