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Playbook to a Murder

This book details the faulty investigation into the murders of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi

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July 4th 2009, the NFL lost one of its greatest players and the city of Nashville lost its biggest hero. Steve McNair was brutally murdered inside a small condominium less than a mile from Titans Stadium. Four children were left without a father and a wife became a widow. A family lost their beloved sister Sahel Kazemi, who became famous as the alleged murderer of Steve McNair. As tragic as the events of July 4th were, they pail in comparison to the faulty investigation by the Nashville Police Department. Playbook to a Murder is authored by former Nashville Police officer Vincent Hill. Hill details points of the investigation never released to the public. You think you really know what happened inside that condominium in Nashville, TN on July 4th 2009, you have no idea. You know why you have no idea, because the flaws, errors and downright lies were hidden.

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