New York Sleeping Giant

Frank Youso: My life and Pro Football

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“I cheated death ONE MORE TIME” is a phrase repeated throughout Frank Youso’s “New York Sleeping Giant”. This entertaining account of Youso’s life takes the reader across the country, spanning both coasts. You will walk with Frank through the depression era, high school and college sports, his 8 year NFL career (which included such legends as: Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Jim Brown, Rosie Grier, Frank Gifford, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Marchall, Norm Van Brocklin, Al Davis and many more), his ownership of a well known resort and into the present day. “New York Sleeping Giant” does not disappoint and is filled with humor, adventure and an unprecedented number of pictures to enhance Youso’s stories. Sit back and enjoy the colorful stories of this gentle giant as he tells them to his friends and family. Each story has been recorded and compiled into this book by Frank’s son, Shawn.

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