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Legends Of The Buffalo Bills

Stories of the Buffalo bill’s most memorable characters and moments over the decades

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This book isn’t just a story about a National Football League team. It’s also the story of the city it occupies and its deeply devoted fans. Original members of “The Foolish Club,” a group of owners who bought into the idea of forming the American Football League to go up against the mighty NFL in 1960, the Bills have had their fair share of losing seasons, but they’ve also been winners. During the team’s ten years in the now defunct AFL, Buffalo captured three Eastern Division titles, along with two AFL championships. They also strung together an unprecedented four straight Super Bowl appearances from 1990–93.

There have been many memorable moments and characters along the way as well. Legends of the Buffalo Bills recounts them vividly: how running back Cookie Gilchrist and quarterback Jack Kemp led the Bills to their first glory years, including back-to-back AFL titles in 1964-65; O.J. Simpson setting a new individual rushing title with 2,003 yards in 1973; the Bills’ victory over the Dolphins on September 7, 1980 that ended the team’s twenty-game losing streak to Miami; and much more.

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