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Landry’s Last Stand

The story of Tom Landry’s final winning season in Dallas

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The year was 1985, and times were changing fast in Dallas. The mighty Cowboys, participants in fiveSuper Bowls during the previous decade, had been crippled by poor drafts and untimely injuries.But head coach Tom Landry couldn’t afford to tear the roster down and start all over from scratch.Rumblings of impatience from the owner’s box made it imperative that Landry either right the ship…or be tossed overboard.Landry’s Last Stand is the story of Tom Landry’s final winning season in Dallas, when he guided theunderdog Cowboys on a wildly unpredictable climb up the NFC East ladder. It’s a story about a partingplea, a promise well-kept, and a race to the NFL playoffs too impossible to be anything less than true

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