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Joe Gibbs

Story of one of the greatest coaches in NFL history

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Joe Gibbs was a remarkable coach. When he began his head-coaching job with the Washington Redskins, he had ambitions about mounting an explosive passing attack, but when Gibbs took stock of his talent, he put together a power running game with John Riggins. Gibbs was not a theoretical genius; he was a practical one. His innovations were hatched to meet needs.
Gibbs’s high energy, tireless approach to coaching was perhaps most productive in the long hours of the night working out game plans with his tightly-knit staff. Gibbs’s efforts were most visible on the playing field where his Redskins manhandled the opposition. Gibbs did not put together perfect seasons, but no season was without hope. Some Redskins’ teams were written off as failures, only to resurrect at midseason or later. Whether in a season or a game, the Redskins were never done until the final whistle.

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