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J.J. Watt

How JJ Watt Became the Most Dominant Defensive Lineman in the NFL

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Some people have an easy road to where they’re going.Those people never truly appreciate it when they get there.That’s isn’t the case with JJ Watt. Through a devastating case of mono, to being forced to move positions and giving up a scholarship to pursue the school of his dreams, you can say JJ Watt never got the luxury of the easy road.That’s fine, he wouldn’t have wanted it that way.Instead, he was forced to learn how to work harder and longer than the rest of his competition. This all paid off for him as he became the most dominant defensive lineman in the NFL.Long considered one of the ambassadors of the league, JJ Watt wasn’t just a force on the field, he was a force off of it as well. Raising millions of dollars for hurricane relief funds and after school programs, JJ Watt is someone who has taken the hard road and came out on the other side a better person because of it.Learn about his inspiring road and the adversity he was forced to overcome in this uplifting book that is sure to encourage you to battle through the adversity in your life.

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