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Gunslingers and Speed Demons

A History Of Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks 1919 to 2016

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Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre and Bart Starr are household names, but the history of the Green Bay Packers extends nearly a hundred years into the last century. Until now, no book has ever focused exclusively on the one aspect of this fabled team that shaped the course of NFL history more than any other franchise, the passing game. Designed as a fast, fun read, a jog through Packers history on the lightning feet of Don Hutson, James Lofton and a legion of fleet footed speed demons aided and abetted by a cocky bunch of gunslingers who started out wearing leather helmets and ended up as modern day rock stars in cleats. Few teams in any sport have been as entertaining as the Green Bay Packers over the last 98 years, even when they were losing, and this book proves it. While other teams were settling for three yards and a cloud of dust, Curly Lambeau was plotting how to get the ball downfield by doing the unthinkable, throwing it.

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