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Classic Cavs: The 50 Greatest Games in Cleveland Cavaliers History

Classic Cavs counts down the fifty greatest Cleveland Cavaliers games

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This brand-new edition of Classic Cavs counts down the fifty greatest Cleveland Cavaliers games, from their 67-loss inaugural NBA season in 1970–71 through the franchise’s renaissance following the triumphant return of LeBron James. The rich, colorful history of the Cavs is woven into tales that tie together the early games at rickety old Cleveland Arena, the incredible highs and heartbreaking lows played out at Richfield Coliseum, and the fierce battles waged at the “Q.”

Knight ranks last-second nail-biters alongside satisfying routs and postseason epics, from the phenomenon known as the “Miracle of Richfield” to the Cavs’ trips to the NBA Finals. Included are the heroics of characters like Bingo Smith, Austin Carr, World B. Free, Mark Price, Craig Ehlo, Kyrie Irving, and, of course, LeBron James. Whether it was because of a fantastic finish or an amazing individual performance, each game included in Classic Cavs is worth remembering and revisiting, appealing to Cavaliers fans everywhere.

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