Captain Crash and the Dallas Cowboys

From Sideline to Goal Line with Cliff Harris

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How does it feel to see your name among the Cowboys greats in Texas Stadium’s Ring of Honor? What was it like to be recruited by professional scouts? What happened to the guy who hooked Randy White in the back with a wayward fishhook? How did legendary coach Tom Landry motivate his players? How did a waterbed and transcendental meditation help Cliff Harris gain an edge over his opponents?

Replete with memories from his college days at Ouachita Baptist and then as a member of the Dallas Cowboys during the “America’s Team” era, Cliff answers those questions and more in this updated edition of Captain Crash and the Dallas Cowboys. Read about his teammates, his coach, his enemies, training secrets, Super Bowls—of which Cliff played in five, winning two—Pro Bowls, motorcycles, and motorboats.

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