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Cam Newton

Read the inspring story of how Cam developed his talent into one of the NFL’s most dominant Quarterbacks

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There’s no one quite like him, the power of a Running Back, the Arm of an Elite Passer, and the field vision to match some of the league’s top field generals. Cam Newton breaks the mold and is truly a once in a lifetime talent.

It was clear from his high school days that Cam had something special. He could do things on a field that other people just couldn’t compete with. This skill only grew as he entered onto bigger and bigger stages. Despite a college career filled with controversy, Cam Newton emerged with a National Championship and Heisman trophy.

When he made it to the pros many people thought he wouldn’t be able to dominate the way he had in college. He has gone on to prove all of them wrong emerging as an MVP and one of the leagues top field generals. All this while being the model of professionalism and speaking out for what he believes.

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