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Blades, Bands, and Ballers

How “Flash and Cash” Rescued the Flyers and Created Philadelphia’s Greatest Showplace

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Imagine Philadelphia without its beloved Flyers and Spectrum. It almost happened! Until Lou Scheinfeld and Ed Snider, otherwise known as “Flash and Cash,” came together to help save the city from disaster.
Blades, Bands, and Ballers is Lou Scheinfeld’s heartfelt memoir of an America now gone, a world of local spectacle and national pride. Dubbed “America’s Showplace” between its birth in 1967 and much-lamented death in 2009, the Spectrum has one last story to tell: how it came to be, how it really was, and how it ended. Lou Scheinfeld is the one man standing capable of telling inside stories of Ed Snider and his blood feud with Jerry Wolman, Frank Rizzo and the Rolling Stones, Kate Smith and her Broad Street Bullies, Sinatra and the Philly Mob, Dr. J and the 76ers, Electric Factory’s emergence, Elvis’ sad appearance, Joe Frazier’s lament and more.

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