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Bird’s-Eye View

My Mostly Wonderful, Always Unforgettable Half-Century with the Philadelphia Eagles

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Day in, day out, Leo Carlin was a constant presence with the Philadelphia Eagles for over five decades. The longtime ticket director and front office mainstay has dedicated most of his life to creating memorable experiences for Eagles fans. He’s played countless roles and has countless stories to tell as a result. Bird’s-Eye View is a fascinating, frank, in-the-room look at nearly 60 years of Eagles’ history, spanning five different ownerships, 14 head coaches, so many stars, and, of course, a Super Bowl. From getting his start as a part-timer in 1960—when professional football in Philadelphia ranked a distant third in popularity to baseball and college football—to riding down Broad Street with his fellow Eagles hall of famers in the championship parade, Carlin opens up about the highlights, lowlights, and neverending hijinks that come with the territory.

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