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How Do You Watch Sports?

October sports has so much to offer.  Over this past weekend we had college football, baseball playoffs and the NFL.  I am a classic channel flipper.  I will watch multiple channels at the same time especially when it comes to sports.  With cable TV I can switch between channels with the push of a button with minimal interruption.

However, my NFL Sunday Ticket package is a streaming service.  With everything moving towards streaming services, I find it more and more difficult/frustrating to watch multiple events.  This in most cases involves switching apps (I use ROKU) and waiting for the service to kick in.  It is not a mere push of a remote control button to move from game to game.  This forces a choice between events.   Very frustrating – NFL or MLB Playoffs.  I want to watch both.  

Short of connecting 2 TVs in the same room – am I missing something?   Streaming services are the future in television viewing.  I’d love to hear from others on how they handle this.  Is there a work around or is this the future of television viewing, sports in particular?

Do I have to just suck it up and go to a bar, and watch all of them at the same time? Do I need to add multiple TV’s in the same room?

 – Schwartzie

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